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June 19, 2007

YS Chronicles: Tranny

Trying to convince other sister to get over her fear of high heels.

Younger sister 2: Grow some balls and wear some heels!...Wait...

June 14, 2007

YS Chronicles: Twins

Whilst watching Good Charlotte on t'telly.

Younger sister 2: They're so twinny!
Saima: What do you mean?
Younger sister 2: They look so alike...especially one of them.

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May 8, 2007

The Cousin Chronicles

Cousin: I think I was Martin Luther King in a former life.
Cousin: I used to think I was Notorious BIG but then I realised he died after I was born.

February 27, 2006


On the subject of Josh Hartnett

Saima: He seems a bit slow...perhaps he's from the Deep South.
Younger sister: Where's that? Essex?

November 3, 2005

God Knows

Younger sister: I thought blasphemous was when someone's really fat.

September 5, 2005

YS Chronicles - Fat Troosers

Younger Sister: Those trousers are waaay to big for you. It's like you're wearing your dad's......and that your dad's fat.

July 27, 2005

YS Chronicles - Brighton Edition

Younger sister: Oh no, I've lost my hair clip!
Saima: That's the second time today! Let's retrace our steps to find it.
Younger sister: What's the point? It's probably already been shipped to Taiwan and stripped for parts.

February 20, 2005

YS Chronicles returns

Cousin: I think Mos Def is so good looking.
Younger sister: You must be Mos Blind.

January 18, 2004

The YS Chronicles

"It's weird when you're searching for stuff. That's when you realise people are such losers, making websites about vegetables and stuff." (My 12 year old sister whilst doing homework for her Food class at school.)

Which brings me rather loosely onto the subject of mobile phones. I love my phone but it fails in one area, I can't take pictures in the dark. Samsung have remedied that problem and released the Samsung SGH-X600 with integrated flash and night mode. I'll wait however until Nokia bring out something similar. I've never had a mobile phone that wasn't a Nokia and I'm not about to start now.

August 6, 2002

Quality, Value and Crap.

I think I may finally have evidence that suggests that my sister is in fact my sister and not an alien imposter.

She says disappointedly whilst watching Hobby and Craft Day on QVC, "Oooooh, I wish it was Craft Day every day..."

Me too kiddo, me too.

April 17, 2002

Hasta la vista

Younger sister: Oh I don't like him (points to Arnie on the screen). Wasn't he in "The Communicator"?

Everyone falls about laughing for a few minutes.

Me: Yeah I can imagine how that would be scary. "Sarah Connor?" "Yes." "I have been sent here to kill you but before I do, let's talk about the options that we are faced with and hopefully reach a informed resolution."

April 8, 2002


This is mainly for my sister who tends to hog shotgun while we're up in Glasgow. I had my hand on the door dammit!

And this is probably the best Mirror Project photo explanation I've read.

Song Recommendation of the Day:
Title: Child of the Wild West
Artist: Cypress Hill
Where have I heard this before: Blade II
The mood created: Let's get jiggy!

December 10, 2001

Quote of the Day:Younger sister:

Quote of the Day:
Younger sister: If I had your habits, I'd kill myself.

January 23, 2001

My room, 10.30 pm, hovering

My room, 10.30 pm, hovering near the computer:
Younger sister: (out of the blue) I learnt a new word today.
Saima: What?
Younger sister: Hyperbole
Saima: That's a new one.
Younger sister: You don't know?
Saima: Well, I've heard of hyperbola in maths.
Younger sister: It's like exaggeration, like, "I was waiting for ten years" when it was only ten minutes.
Saima: But that's just exaggeration.
Younger sister: No, no, no, like "I'd walk a thousand miles for you".
Saima: No, that's just bullshit.

December 13, 2000

Wednesday 13th 2000 @ 1.45am

Wednesday 13th 2000 @ 1.45am in my nan's living room, watching a movie.

Younger sister: (out of the blue) Why don't people ever call their son Tin.
Saima: Ya what?
Younger sister: Why don't they ever call their sons Tin.
Saima: Because it's not a name maybe?
Younger sister: Well, we have Tim, why not Tin?
Saima: Tim is short for Timothy, what would Tin be short for?
Younger sister: Names don't have to be short for anything.
Saima: Tin is a silly name. It's an object anyway.
Younger sister: So are other names.....
Saima: But it sounds stupid.
Younger sister: All names are stupid. It's just because we've heard them so much we accept them.
Saima: Yeah, let's just make up names left, right and centre. We could have Ton instead of Tom.
Younger sister: Exactly.
A character comes into the film called Myron.
Younger sister: What kind of name is that?
Saima: I guess his parents had the same idea as you. Byron just wasn't good enough.