November 14, 2005

Joke forwarded from YS III

Doctor Dave had slept with one of his patients and felt guilty all day long.

No matter how much he tried to forget about it, he couldn't.

The guilt and sense of betrayal was overwhelming.

But every once in a while he'd hear an internal, reassuring voice in his head that said:

"Dave, don't worry about it. You aren't the first medical practitioner to sleep with one of their patients and you won't be the last.

And you're single. Just let it go.."

But invariably another voice in his head would bring him back to reality,


"'re a vet".

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Laith Rocks My Socks

Laith of Monkeyhub is a flipping genius. You know, the type you'd invite round for tea and Maltesers. If you need evidence of this, check out Low Morale.

"Low Morale is a series of animations portraying one manís struggle to cope with the soul-sapping, will-to-live draining, life-force mugging, morale crushing experiences of work."

My personal favourite is [ 9 ] fish meh but I also have a soft spot for [ 11 ] condition meh because this happens in the office where I work every single day, come rain, come shine, come bloomi' blizzard. Well except for the being smashed to a pachillion rather small and rather cold pieces part.

(Also, check out JCB song. Genius.)

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November 11, 2005


Sorry, those last few posts were to annoy the lil' un.

We often shout things to each other across the hall that separates our rooms. She kept saying stuff, I'd blog it and then shout "Check the blog!"

Oh, what fun can be had with wireless connections.

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YS Chronicles: You're Lame IV

Younger sister: Hahahaha...whisper whisper whisper.

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YS Chronicles: You're Lame III

Younger sister: I'm not saying anything now! For God's sake, I can't even speak in my own house.

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YS Chronicles: You're Lame II

Younger sister: Oh my god, you missed out like so much of it.

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YS Chronicles: You're Lame

Younger sister: Your blog about calculator. It was not that unreasonable for him to ask for a scientific calculator. It's not like you're a baker or something.
Saima: Accountants don't tend to use scientific caculators.
Younger sister: You're lame.

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November 9, 2005

YS Chronicles: Pic Wars

Younger Sister: I told you not to put that picture up, I wish I'd never showed you.
Saima: Well he shouldn't get pictures taken with make-up and girl's clothes on then.
Younger Sister: I can't believe you did that to him!
Saima: He has done that himself.

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Why Darth Vader Wears a Mask

Hayden Christensen

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November 8, 2005

Boss Wars

Boss: Saima, do you have a scientific calculator handy?
Saima: No. Though I do often get the urge to perform random cube roots and know what pi is to ten decimal places...perhaps I should carry one around with me.

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November 6, 2005

Ammar Craziness

Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2005 23:01:07
From: Ammar
To: Saima
Subject: you have to see this!

you're gonna love my most recent entry up on my blog... its a video.. i hope it plays for you...its a tribute to you... and i know you'll love it :)

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November 3, 2005

Eid Mubarak

Hope y'all had a good 'un.

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God Knows

Younger sister: I thought blasphemous was when someone's really fat.

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November 1, 2005

Five Fabulous Years

Well today marks the fifth birthday of this weblog. I've painstakingly compiled somes Top 5s for your delectation.

Top 5 Personal Favourite Posts
1. Simon the Steps Fan
2. Mouths with Lives of their Own
3. DIY
4. Bus Politics
5. Dazed

Top 5 Most "Interesting" Discussions
1. Marilyn Manson Interview
2. 911
3. Matrimonials R Us
4. A Brad Pitt Eid
5. Readers Reveal All

Top 5 Most Commented On Posts (I've taken out posts where I've mentioned a celebrity and the post has just been bombarded with screaming fans of said celebrity. For example, the Salman Khan sucks post.)
1. Tolkien, a racist? 36 comments
2. War Boota 34 comments
3. Will the real Faisal please step forward? 34 comments
4. Do Do Do Do Do Do 31 comments
5. She Sells Sea Shells 30 comments

Top 5 Commentors
1. All the Faisals: I know one of you is in the Caribbean but the other one's disappeared. Come back Faisal, all is forgiven! 157 comments
2. Tahira: Keep the A5 pride alive! 125 comments
2. Hasan: Another one who's disappeared 125 comments
3. Will: The ever lovely Will 85 comments
4. Ammar: Stalking me since 2001 70 comments
4. Adnan: The big brother I never had 70 comments
5. Bushra: A relatively new kid on the block 49 comments

Other scintillating stats has been visited 59,711 times.
Visitors have in total viewed 109,450 pages.
49% of visitors are from the United Kingdom, 25% from the United States, 10% from Pakistan and the remaining (...carry the two...) 16% are from such countries as Finland and Qatar.
84% who visit the site use Windows XP as their operating system. 3% however logon through a Nokia handset. was once very very briefly mentioned on The Guardian website.
Most people who visit this site do so because they searched for "saima" at Google. I'm not the Lollywood actress they were probably looking for.

Now please join me in singing to

Happy birthday to you,
I surfed, as you do,
I saw an hideously ugly weblog with a pink background and lime green text,
And I thought it was you.

Now I just need to figure out how to give this weblog the bumps.

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