December 29, 2003

Tolkien, a racist?

I went to see The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and it was rather amazing. One thing bugged me about the whole thing though, was Tolkien a racist? I surpressed this thought for a while but the images of the 'bad' men with dark skin, wearing turbans and riding on elephants just wouldn't go away. I was at one point ashamed of thinking it. Maybe all the racial tension in my town lately has made me extra sensitive to these issues?

Then I read Anil's post, did a bit of research and found that I'm not the only one who has thought like this. Now I don't feel so terrible. There are also some opposing views which are worth a read.

I've never actually read the books so my real question is, why did the Orcs have cockney accents? A touch of snobbery from Tolkien or a parody of Eastenders from Peter Jackson?

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December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas 2003

Merry Christmas to one and all! It's been a fun month so far with all the Christmas parties and dinners I've been to. I'm all partied out, yo!

On a completely different note, I love bubbles. They bring happiness to so many with such little effort! By far one of the best Christmas presents I received this year was a Bubble Science kit, hours of fun! Alternatively, if you can get hold of 'sticky bubbles', I'd recommend you do. The workplace will never be the same again. Beware of the slug trails they leave behind though, we still have the evidence of our shenanigans on the computer monitors and table tops at work.

I'll leave you now with the science of Santa. I'm off to watch some goooood Crimbo telly.

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December 21, 2003


You know it's cold when after standing outside for five minutes you can't even feel your face. Aaah, winter is here! We were forecast some snow today but it seems that Claude will have to wait a little longer to be reincarnated.

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December 7, 2003

London Dungeons

Ok I admit it. I totally wimped out during our trip to the London Dungeons yesterday. With scenes of torture making up the scenery and a boat ride through Traitor's Gate to my own 'execution', it was enough to have me cowering with fear, my face buried into my friend's jacket sleeve. Some of it was rather disturbing, I just couldn't understand how a human could boil another alive or rip their tongue out but I guess those were dark times and I may never understand.

The adrenalin of it all and the presence of the rather comical live actors (drama college students I suspect) made it an enjoyable day. The Anne Robinson waxwork in the 'Wicked Women' section is worth the trip alone. Having her in the same room as Boadicea and other nasty ladies was quite funny.

The London Dungeons are not for the extremely faint hearted though so leave your wimpy friends and family at home.

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December 1, 2003

Link and Think

Unfortunately, even in this world of global communication some of us far from enlightened on the subject of AIDS and HIV. I know I was until I read up about it, it really is as simple as taking a few moments to increase our understanding. Today is World AIDS Day so I'd like to present a few links that I've found useful in the past. I hope you will too. Please feel free to add your own links in the comments.

Aids fact sheets
HIV and AIDS prevention
The difference betwee HIV and AIDS
Dispelling myths
The latest news on AIDS and HIV from New Scientist

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