September 30, 2001

I got an e-mail recently

I got an e-mail recently to renew my domain. But I'm in two minds about it. It seems these days I have nothing to write and no time to write it. What with university and everything, it doesn't look like matters will improve much. I would hate to let this site go though so maybe a semi-dormant thing would be better. I really don't know right now.

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September 29, 2001

Loooooooooooving you is easy 'cos

Loooooooooooving you is easy 'cos you're beautiful. Do do do do do, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

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September 26, 2001

I'm back in my own

I'm back in my own room now with my own PC. Great huh? No. The PC fails to start, then starts in safe mode so I get crappy colours and then fails to start again. But at least the modem is working.

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September 24, 2001

Scholars Question the Image of

Scholars Question the Image of the Internet as a Race-Free Utopia

[via Adnan]

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I totally forgot to mention

I totally forgot to mention that this site is a featured link over at for this month. The month's nearly over and I say it now. Procrastination is indeed my middle name.

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It's such a small world.

It's such a small world. Today, whilst waiting for an elevator going up, I glanced over and saw a girl who seemed vaguley familiar.

"Hi, I know you from somewhere, Aisha right?"

I had spent two weeks with this girl and a thirty others at an Oxford Access School in Milton Keynes in 1997. In fact it turns out we've been attending the same university for two years and have never bumped into each other.

Later on in the day I saw another familiar face. Couldn't put a name to it. But I approached her anyway and it turned out I recognised her from photos my friend had taken in Jordan this summer. They studied the same course there. It really is a small world.

First day back at university. I'm tired.

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September 20, 2001

On Monday I start university

On Monday I start university again. Back to lectures for the first time in over a year. Back to hours in the library, hopefully working this time. Back to eight hours in a laboratory to produce 0.00000001g of a product. Back to early mornings. Back to a diet of Ribena and Maltesers. Back to bitching about lecturers. Back to doodling over Organic Chemistry notes. Back to the London Underground. Back to exams, reports and essays. But truthfully, I'm looking forward to it.

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I have a black and

I have a black and white APS film and nothing to photograph. How sad is that?

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September 18, 2001

If you are going to

If you are going to search for "naked Samia dancing like hell" at this site at least spell my name right. Unless you actually do mean Samia in which case I feel stupid.

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You learn something new everyday

You learn something new everyday (no matter how useless it is).

Things you can do with vinegar

1. Remove skunk odor from a dog. Rub fur with full strength vinegar; rinse.
2. Soothe a bee or jellyfish sting. Dot the irritation with vinegar and relieve itching.
3. Soothe a sore throat. Put a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water. Gargle, then swallow.
4. Ease nausea and stomach upsets.
5. Help treat burns.

And you thought it was only good for being dared to drink half a cup of it in the school cafeteria! .....Oh hang on that's me...

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September 17, 2001

If there's one thing I

If there's one thing I abhor more than raw cheese, it's gossip. More so when they try to involve me in their nit picking stories of other people's lives. You know, I couldn't care less who the vicar's wife ran off with, and I could probably live without knowing how many bathrooms Mr. Singh has in his new house. It baffles me people can talk about someone's murder and how good their garden looks in one breath. Go tell someone who actually cares about what Mrs. Khan was wearing when you saw her in the park on Sunday, because I certainly don't.

This rant was brought to you by lack of sleep and the letter Q.

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September 16, 2001

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September 15, 2001

On a lighter note... The

On a lighter note...

The door to my bedroom has finally been refitted. What does that mean for me? No more screaming "Don't come in, I'm naked!!!" at approaching footsteps.

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September 14, 2001

After what I wrote yesterday

After what I wrote yesterday about this site, this was the reply:

"I noticed in my stat logs a few viewers coming from Muslim based weblogs who seem to feel what I have to say here frightens them. What they seem to fail to realize is that is it people from THEIR middle eastern homelands who come into this country and other civilized countries, wreak havoc, murder innocent people, and then dance in the streets about the tragedy, laughing at the families of those of have lost husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children and other family members.....seems you have lost sight of that. . And yet when an American becomes angry at this senseless violence, they become frightened. They say it's people like us they fear, those who express their opinions, their anger, their outrage. Excuse me? I didn't personally go into YOUR homeland and viciously murder thousands of innocent people in the name of some cockeyed religion. I don't hide in mudhuts all over the middle east scheming and planning worldwide terrorist activities and not caring who gets killed in the process. I would say this about ANY country that commits the acts these people do and did. My question to those of you who don't like what I have to say here is what the hell is the matter with your people? Why do they understand nothing but violence? What is the mindset of the people from your homelands who find murdering innocent people a form of entertainment? I have made it very, very clear on my site that I am not a politically correct person and I will voice whatever opinions I choose to on my site. If someone doesn't like what I have to say here, don't read it....just as I don't read opinions I don't care to hear. Along with the many emotions that are running through every American right now, anger is one that is most prevalent. We have a RIGHT to be angry and we have a RIGHT to express that anger. I choose to express MY anger through words. This IS a free country and one of the rights of free countries is freedom of speech, lest you've forgotten."

Oh dear. It seems some people are just not even worth the effort due to their lack of intelligence and blind prejudice. But for your information, I'm not even from the Middle East. How stupid do you feel now?

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September 13, 2001

This is exactly the sort

This is exactly the sort of person I fear. Lack of common sense, stupidity and racism know no bounds and it's that sort of mentality that causes such tragedies to happen.

I'm tired. I'm tired of having to defend myself and other Muslims out there who had nothing to do with what happened on September 11th 2001. The last couple of days have drained me emotionally but I fear it's not over.

It's a mix of emotions right now. Obviously sadness, disbelief and shock. I'm worried about people I know, love and care about over there and over here. But I'm becoming this defensive individual, who's jumping to verbally retaliate when Muslims are being harassed. An individual who's trying to keep track of threads at Metafilter and occasionally having to remind someone "We're not all the same." Trying to explain to someone that "carpet bombing Kabul" isn't going to get us anywhere, that those are innocent people too. Reading newspaper reports of attacks on Muslim children in Australia as they take the bus to school in the morning and feeling their pain aswell as the pain of those who have lost in America. Hurting for the woman who is nearly run over by a drunk who claims she is "destorying his country" and hurting for the families who are anxious to find out where their loved ones are amongst the rubble.

I feel like my energy is going towards all this when it shouldn't. I shouldn't have to defend myself, prove myself. Why should I have to make clear that I condemn what happened? Of course I do. I'm human. And I am a Muslim. That doesn't give someone an open right to ask if I'm happy about what happened. That hurts me more than I can describe.

On the other end of the spectrum, my heart has been warmed by how the majority webloggers have dealt with it all and am proud to be part of the weblogging community. Small comments saying how we should keep cool heads and not let racism dominate our actions have reaffirmed my belief that most of us are rational and intelligent beings. We're not all the same.

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Jason has archived the responses

Jason has archived the responses of over 100 webloggers to Tuesday's tragedy.

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September 12, 2001

There's nothing I can say

There's nothing I can say that hasn't beeen said already, that hasn't gone through your mind already. Our questions are yet to be answered. Who? How? Why? I just want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with all who have been affected by this.

Just a few links for where we can help.

Emergency and Relief Information
Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

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September 11, 2001

You think its going to

You think its going to be a quiet day and then.....
A third plane is said to have caused a blast at the Pentagon.

This is all a bit much to take in.

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September 10, 2001

I heard Michael Jackson's new

I heard Michael Jackson's new single and was deeply disappointed to say the least. Nothing new, nothing exciting, just generic R'n'B pap. I'll have to comfort myself with the knowledge that at least he's still weird.

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September 7, 2001

A couple of jokes for

A couple of jokes for you.

David Beckham was speaking at a management conference: "The best thing about them," he said, "is that they're only two calories, and your mouth feels fresh for an hour". A voice from the wings was then heard, "David, we wanted you to talk about tactics..."

A small boy arrives home with an armchair under each arm and a settee
slung across his back.
His dad goes mental.
"What on earth have I told you about accepting suites from strangers?"

[via e-mail]

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Sometimes to stop themselves being

Sometimes to stop themselves being found out, people cast wild accusations on innocent bystanders who become victims of their own bitter denial. Give it up Simon, I have proof.

The day he met one of his idols. He describes it as "the best day of my life".
He tries to wear this t-shirt as often as possible. When no one is looking of course.
What his room really looks like.

Our message to you Simon, we love you anyway. You don't have to hide it any longer.

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September 6, 2001

The science of sound. Near

The science of sound. Near the end you can be a DJ and mix some tracks. I've always wanted to do that, sigh. There's also a great 'Did you know..' section at this site.

And in the news, I wish they'd had this when I was working at NTL.

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September 5, 2001

It seems the Blogger design

It seems the Blogger design has been an inspiration to a few sites recently. I came across this site from my referrer logs recently and though it's not finished yet, it looks rather familiar wouldn't you say? I feel like I've unearthed some great crime but then someone will turn around and prove me wrong for jumping to conclusions. And it'll probably be Ev saying it's a secret project of his. Or the webmaster asking why I'm so horrible, especially after they linked me. And I'll protest my innocence and say it was just a little post and that I didn't mean any harm, honest. But no one will believe me and they'll label me as a bitch and I'll be shamed amongst the blogging community. And then I'll feel really small and go and live on an island off the coast of Scotland. There I'll live, with only my nine cats to keep me company and die in my rocking chair in front of the fire aged 73. Who knew blogging could be such a powerful thing?

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September 4, 2001

I'm going to bookmark this

I'm going to bookmark this for when I'm chatting to pedantic Europeans who insist on using metric. Tut.

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It makes my day when

It makes my day when a little kid refers to me as Papa. Great. I knew this beard was a bad idea.

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September 1, 2001

Looks like the war isn't

Looks like the war isn't over. I took a pretty bad fall again today, this time outside and had a narrow escape with an oncoming car. Now my left side is grazed up as well as bruised and I've hurt my left hand and wrist. The swelling is going down but it's still hard to type. Till I can type with both hands properly, entries will be minimal. Just call me Tumbleweed

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