July 06, 2002

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK was formed when The Cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund merged this year and has become the largest volunteer-supported cancer research organisation in the world. Their aims are to cure cancer patients faster, cut numbers of people getting cancer, bring better treatments to cancer patients, train more cancer doctors, nurses and scientists for research, be the authoritative source of information on cancer and maximise resources available for cancer research.

It's a charity close to my heart for personal reasons. When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer you feel helpless. What can you do for that person except offer emotional support? Well here's my chance to make a difference, however small. At 3pm on 27th July I'll start blogging every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I'd appreciate any sponsors, you can sponsor an amount per hour or for the full 24 hours. I'd also appreciate any ideas you have for what I can actually do for that 24 hours to keep myself awake and keep you amused. What can I offer to get you to sponsor me? With your help this can be a success.

If you have a site, you might consider taking part in Blogathon 2002 aswell to raise money for your own selected charity. Also please check out the F.A.Q.s at that official site for any queries you may have or just e-mail me.

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July 27, 2002

And so it begins

The next 24 hours are gonna be fun! And tiring!

Remember you can still sponsor me. Come on people it's for a good cause.

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5 Questions (Part 8)

Remember when I asked you guys to submit five questions? And I hardly answered them? Well here ya go! Hope it was worth the wait. I'll be sporadically answering them over the 24 hour time period.

Hasan Deen asks:

What makes you happy?
The ones I love. Sunsets. Art. Cuddly toys. Thoughtful presents. Success, mine as well as others. Scrapbooks.

What makes you sad?

When people judge me just by looking at me and they don't even know me. This has happened countless amount of times by a variety of people. The sales assistant, the interviewer, the prospective teacher. Sorry guys but I can speak English, I'm not a religious nut and I do have a brain.

Are you passive, aggressive or assertive?

Depends on my mood. I wouldn't say I was aggressive though, others may disagree :)

If you were stranded on a desert island with a cd player, what 3 cds would you take with you?

Michael Jackson's Dangerous, The Crow Score and Terminator 2 Soundtrack.

Finally: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

Britney Spears baby yeah.

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Guide to flirting

If you need a guide to flirting you may as well give up now. And if you need this, there is definitely no hope for you.

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5 Questions (Part 9)

Faisal asks:

In your personal gay-icon hall of fame, who comes higher, Eddie Izzard or Sir Graham Norton?

That's a toughie. I enjoy the vulgar humour and cuteness of Sir Graham Norton yet I love the dry sarky wit of Izzard. So I'll go with Graham Norton.

Do you think you'd be a Muslim if you'd not been born into the religion?

I'd like to think so. Hopefully. Luckily I was born one so problem solved.

What would you buy first with your first proper paycheck?

A nicer car and more shoes, whoopee!

What should I buy? With mine that is, not yours.

A nicer car and more shoes, for meeee!

If you could ask yourself a question, the answer of which would be interesting, revealing and insightful to me, what would it be? And what about the answer?

We've debated that this is in fact two questions. I'd ask if I like lollipops and the answer would be yes.

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Fish Fever

The three fish that reside in our living room are poorly. They have these huge red sores with white bits coming out. I know, I thought, we'll just get some medicine from the pet store. So off we went and asked the pet store people what we should do.

"You need to pull out the white bits, they're hook worms, with tweezers," she told me.

So I got them some medicine and after that, you're on your own boys! Ain't no way I'm putting my hands in that tank and tweezering worms out of your backside.

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Summer may finally be here

The sun is shining, I'm sweating more than you'd like to know and it seems summer may actually be here.

We have about five fans in this house and two work. Dag nammit. Why do Pakistani plugs have to be different?

I've cut my hands and now I could be Michael Jackson's hand double.

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5 Questions (Part 10)

A daily reader asks:

Who do you think should get the blame for the bombing of the world trade center?

The people that did it?

Imagine being an american, what would u do?

Same as I'm doing now but in an American accent.

Now just think and tell me what should be done, not being biased? You honestly fear since the blame goes to muslims, put your self in america's situation, imagine having your family members killed, what would u do then? wouldnt u try to take your anger out on someone you think is responsible? Although i admit its not correct.

Umm no.

Well asked like 4 question in the last question, so ill leave it at
that :)

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5 Questions (Part 11)

Anonymous asks:

sunset or sunrise. ,mountians or beaches ..?.what is more beautiful to you?

All of them.

If you could what era would you like to be reborn in ?why?

The Stone Age. Dunno why, caves are sexy?

What do you think is the best solution to Kashmir?

Wish I knew.

Have you read `1984` n animal farm?if not do so!

I have. Animal Farm is great.

What is it that makes you feel truly alive?what is it that gives you a feeling of total peace,satisfaction and love.

Drawing, painting and dancing.

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Free Designs

Firda is posting a tableless weblog design every hour which is free for you to use.

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Why I'm accused of having bad taste in men (Part 1)

David Gower

David Gower, schawing!

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Fashion-a-holic (Part 1)

Hi, my name's Saima and I'm a fashion-a-holic. I can't resist the urge to buy accessories when I visit stores. Bags and shoes, bags and shoes. I'll be showing you some of the things I've bought in the last couple of weeks alone.

These are my little ballerina shoes. I bought them last week for £5.50! Bargain or what? I wear them mainly around the house to feel like a princess. Yay.



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Copycat Update

I should be a detective. Shouldn't I?

Other cases I've 'solved':
Blogger gets ripped off.

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5 Questions (Part 12)

Aneesa asks:

Is it possible to love someone over the net?

Anything is possible. But care is needed. You may be loving someone fictitious.

Is there life as we know it on another planet?


Coffee/tea? Coke/pepsi? Sunset/sunrise? Mountain/beaches?

Tea, coke, sunsets and beaches.

Would you give up your life in an instant if you had to for someone you love? If so, for whom? What do you think is the most satisfying feelin in the world? What is the strongest emotion also?

I don't know, I've never felt that strongly about someone and I love my family too much. The strongest emotion is jealousy, makes you do crazy stuff.

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Why I'm accused of having bad taste in men (Part 2)

William Petersen


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Fashion-a-holic (Part 2)

These are my Miffy bags. I'm so proud of them. They're useless because they're too small but who cares? They're cute!


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July 28, 2002


This is harder than I thought.

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5 Questions (Part 13)

Asher asks:

Congratulations! Saima is announced as one of the TOP 10 sensuous women by Askmen Magazine. “How do you feel at the moment Saima, for this entire honor?”

I think there's been some sort of mistake...

According to the latest research published in Medical Herald “Chocolate increases the love passion in girls”. How much chocolate do you think is good for a girl’s intake?

Copious amounts. It releases the happy hormone.

Why is always the term “IN LAWS” is used for the in-laws, when they are all mostly “OUT LAWS”?

Because that's the legend and everyone tries their hardest to keep the stereotypes alive.

Saima has a biggest crush for a guy. Cupid feels mercy for Saima, and the guy calls up Saima, takes her out for a good time. They watch the Oprah together & then head for a posh restaurant for a hearty dinner. Sitting on the table, the guy holds Saima’s hand & tells her that she is simply adorable and that he adores her because of her very much resemblance with her dead sister. Explain Saima’s feelings at the moment?

Oprah?? You cheapskate! I prefer Jerry Springer.

Some children were playing in the playground in front of our housing society. One said “My dad is better then yours”
The second said “No, my father is far much better then your dad”
The third one said “My brother is better then yours”
The second boy said “Hmm, it’s simply impossible”
The first one said again “My mom is better then yours”
“Well that’s right, you won!” all others said in one voice. “Because our dads think the same too.”
Explain some truths about why people like their own children & wives of others BETTER?

Grass is greener and that's the only thing you can change. You can't change your kids can you?

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A society?!

This saddens me. There doesn't need to be a society or strategies for God's sake. It's a game six year olds play to settle playground disputes.

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Am I right or what?

I think this could in fact be the best page in the universe. This guy is hilarious. Will you marry me?

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Fashion-a-holic (Part 3)

These are traditional Pakistani shoes called coosay. Made out of hard leather they can be so uncomfortable but get the right ones and you're sorted. Worn with shalwar kameez they look fab, worn with jeans (like below) not so fab. But I think I'll create a new fashion statement.


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Five Things I Hate

1) Eating noises
2) People who get easily excited
3) Dance music
4) Gossip
5) Choking

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5 Questions (Part 14)

Simon asks:

Have you ever made a fool of yourself with an ironing board?

Yes. Just yesterday I tried to use it as a surf board. How was I to know?

Have you ever invented any words? If yes, please state.

I made up flubala and throkuyano. I have yet to make up their meanings though.

Do you know where Leatherhead is?

On the Leatherneck?

Did you ever write to Jim'll Fix It?

I asked him to stop giving me nightmares.

Would you consider having my children?

I thought we already had some.

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Colour Class

Sorry to break it to you but this green and that red don't go.

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Fashion-a-holic (Part 4)

This is my art bag. Made of some sort of metal and adorned with 60s pictures it holds my pencils, paints and other art supplies.


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5 Questions (Part 14)

Dr. Resin asks:

If you where to develop your own style of ChiaPet, which of the Jackson 5 would you pattern it after?

Michael of course. He's the best.

Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts... mighty tasty, or interrogation technique?

The latter, they ming.

Are you kind to goats? *All* goats?

Yes. Ok only to the goateed ones.

Why does love die? Please keep it short.

Real love doesn't. News flash, it was never love if it died.

You shave your armpits: (a)Always (b)Never (c)When the moon is full (d)I don't really think about it until I see Robbie Williams, and the itching threatens to destroy me.


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I starteed feeling sick at around 5ish this morning and had to lie down. Next thing you know it's morning and I'm still feeling sick. I'm a bit better now and don't worry I'll make it up to you guys.

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Thank you

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors. These include my cuz Tahira, someone called Saima (that better not be a prank!), Faisal and Rebecca.

Also check out the people I'm sponsoring, Rebecca and Firda. Good luck for the last couple of hours guys.

There's still time to sponsor me and help me raise money for Cancer Research UK. They do great work which you can read about here. They say that more than one in three of us develop cancer at some stage of our lives. With the money you donate they look to develop new ways to prevent and treat cancer.

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Fashion-a-holic (Part 5)

These were a bit of an emergency buy last week. I had nothing to go with my graduation outfit....okay nothing suitable anyway. These were the first tan coloured ones I saw and hey presto, outfit complete. They're a little high and I was afraid of falling flat on my face in front of hundreds of people but I didn't so s'all good.


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I can't believe I'm drinking Coke before even having breakfast. I ming.

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There is voting going on over at the official Blogathon site. I'm not eligible for any award except maybe Most Tired (but still made it) and Voter's Choice though I deserve neither.

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End of the line

Well it's over... and I feel sicker, bleurg. But thank you again to everyone for the support! Here's the last set of shoes.

These shoes I've been after since they came out in last season's Next catalogue. My mum bought them for me yesterday in the sale for half price. I love a bargain and I love these shoes. They are made of suede and feel so comfy.


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Blogathon 2002

Well the blogathon is over. Was it a success? You decide. Whatever the case I hope you enjoyed it.

All the blogathon posts have been archived here for posterity.

I'm going to go eat now. Lots.

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